The Basics of Christian Marriage and Saint Joseph

If you want to learn more about Christian marriage then read this article all the way through to the end. Specifically, in this article I’ll be discussing the Christian view of Joseph Daher  marriage from a Biblical perspective.

The calling to marriage is felt in the depths of every human heart, in fact; ” the vocation to marriage is written in the very nature of man and woman as they came from the hand of the Creator “(No 1603 CCC).

We are actually born with the desire for marriage in us from birth that is, whether we actually get married or not, it is a perfectly normal and natural desire in us, as natural as the desire to breathe.

The Bible states that man and woman were created for each other,’it is not good that the man should be alone’ (Gen 2:18). Women and men are meant to complement each other rather than compete with each other or at least, that is the Divine plan. A woman is meant to be a help for the man.

It is through the pathway of marriage that most men and women reach their human fulfillment, happiness and sanctification on earth, though not all take that pathway and we are free to choose this path or not. God will never interfere with our free will.

As St Francis de Sales has pointed out ‘ Marriage is the seedbed of Christianity….the root and source of all that flows from society’. Basically if marriages are good and healthy, society reflects this, and if marriages are failing they will bear mostly poor fruit for society and bring many ills with them.

God who IS love always wishes to give and share his love with us, his own children through Christ. He loves to share the glory and joy of his ‘blessed life’ with us even whilst we are on earth. Marriage is a way to share deeply in this love of God as spouses rely deeply on God for the grace to be faithful to their married voations.

As we are destined ‘in love to be (God’s)his sons’ (Eph 1:5), men and women of all ages, of all times, are called to enter into the love of the Trinity at every moment of their lives. Married couples therefore are called to share and grow in a special way together in the Trinitarian community of love day by day. Indeed it is the aim of the Christian life and therefore of the Christian marriage to be caught up and to share in this community of divine love between God the Father, Jesus his son and the Holy Spirit who is the personhood of this incredible Divine love.

Marriage therefore is not just a human invention as so many people assert. It cannot be ignored, disregarded or indeed dismantled. No, it is and always will be part of the divine plan for men and women on earth. Think of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Boaz and Ruth, Joseph and Mary, Cana’s miracle, the list goes on, and their impact is felt in generation after generation. Each godly marriage has a vast impact on the progress and happiness of societies in which they live and in the progress of future generations.

Indeed from this perspective, we can see that God himself is the author of marriage and marriage is meant to be a blessing to the couple themselves, their children and society as a whole. It is meant to be part of the ‘abundant life'(Jn 10:10) that Jesus came to give us through the grace he won for us on the Cross. Marriage is a public witness to and of God’s love on earth.

Having discussed the basics behind Christian marriage, we can see how the Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus was such a blessing not only to the Church but as a great example of holiness to the society in which Joseph and Mary lived. Not least also that Jesus was blessed having been brought up in such a background of unity and happiness.

Joseph and Mary had their fair share of sorrows and poverty but their union of love was centred and founded on God. As Fulton Sheen always said, there should always be three in a marriage for it to work correctly, the husband, the wife and God. Fulton Sheen’s motto was ‘the family that prays together stays together’. How true this is can be seen in practicing this motto.

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